wedding cakes

Buttercream starting at $4.00 per serving

Fondant starting at $4.50 per serving


*Per serving cost is based upon the amount of artwork involved,

 monograms, fondant bows, bands and so on.


wedding cup cakes

Mini cupcakes start at $1.25 each (minimum 24)

Standard cupcakes start at $2.50 each (minimum 12)


wedding cake pops

~one flavor per dozen~

Simple Cake Pops start at $2.00 each (minimum 12)

Custom Cake Pops $2.50 and up each (minimum 12)






Designing your dream wedding cake is a process we love. In consultation with you, we can draw inspiration from your wedding dress, the invitations, the color and theme and also the flowers to make a cake that is an integral part of your special day. Lace, ruffles, pearls and flowers can all be created in sugar to reflect your style and vision.



A tasting and design consultation is the perfect way to talk through your ideas, for us to sketch out some designs and for you to choose the flavors of your cake. To arrange a tasting send us a message including the date and location of your wedding and the number of guests expected.



All our cakes are made with the finest ingredients; every mouthful is bursting with deliciousness. We pride ourselves on the range of flavors we can create, below are a few of our most popular options:


  • Caribbean Rum + Cream Cheese Filling
  • Zesty Lemon + Blueberry
  • Chocolate Decadence+ Caramel
  • Almond Wedding Cake+ Raspberry

cake Stand Rentals

  • We also offer beautiful cakes and a cupcake stand in variety of colors and options.
  • Rental starts at $10 with a $50 security deposit required.
  • Stands are limited, so reserve yours early
  • If rentals are not returned the deposit check or your credit card will be charged for the $50 replacement fee.


Mini Desserts

We offer a wide variety of table desserts. Prices vary depending on the desserts of choice. Call for options and pricing.


Delivery and Setup

Delivery and Setup start at $35.00 and go up when outside the Tampa Bay area.




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